How to delete words in a PDF document?

Question: I need to delete some words in a PDF document and write something with the same letters. I am sure this is possible, but I have no idea how to do it. Can you help me?

Solution: You need a PDF editor, such as Infix PDF Editor. Infix PDF Editor is a powerful PDF document editor, with this PDF editor, you can delete words and write down what you want in a PDF document, just like you do with text files in a word processor.

5 steps to delete words in a PDF document with Infix PDF Editor:
(1) Open the source PDF document.

(2) Click "Text edit tool" button.

(3) Select the words you want to delete.

(4) Right click the selected text -> In the popup menu, select "Delete Selection", the selected text will be deleted.

(5) Save the changes.

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